The Church (Building) in DeKalb

pastor-jamie In 2009 Pastor Jamie Page, with his wife Cherron and their two children, parachuted into DeKalb, IL to plant a church, now an Acts 29 member church, The Church in DeKalb. Though sent and supported by Redeemer Fellowship (and a number of other churches) Jamie was starting from scratch. Evangelism, conversations, and hospitality led to conversions, reputation, and a core group. They began worshipping in a coffee bar/music venue, and when they outgrew that space they began renting a small building in town. As they continued to grow they rented more space, including an old night club. Now they are ready to move into an old church building in the neighborhood and they need your help.

I asked Pastor Jamie a few questions to let you in on what's going on and how you can be involved.

The Church Building in DeKalb

What good is a building?

This building will be used for three purposes: worship, love, and mission.

A building is good for calling the people in our city to worship God and to celebrate the gospel. Culturally, for where we’re at in Northern Illinois though, a building is typically seen as necessary to be thought of as a “legitimate” church. When we moved from a small café to our first leased space we saw our attendance double in a week. I attribute a lot of this to people in our city believing that churches meet in buildings. In our context, very Catholic and Lutheran, the unchurched people expect to worship in a building.

A building is good for calling our church to be knit together in love and built up in our knowledge, use, and proclamation of the gospel. A building is an extra place to gather together for fellowship and discipleship, for being together and for being built up.

A building is good for the mission of calling our city to hear the Gospel. Mission is going outside the building but even still a building serves as a launch pad for sending to our city, to the nation, to the nations. The building we are purchasing benefits our mission to make disciples too by giving us the opportunity to pay as much as $2000 a month less in facility costs and instead to spend that money on church planting, mission, and mercy.

How is this building different from where you’ve been?

This building is different from where we’ve been in that it will allow us to contribute so much more to church planting, mission, and mercy. Until now we’ve only had the opportunity to rent space. And with renting we have had no opportunity to bring an end to the cost of a facility. Sure, there will be upkeep and maintenance on this building. But our goal is to pay cash and eliminate having to pay a monthly cost of rent or a mortgage. That would enable us to contribute so much more not only to our mission but to the whole mission of all of Christ’s Church to make disciples.

How can people help you get this building?

Firstly, you can pray. We’re trying to raise as much of the full purchase price as we can. That cost is $150,000. Pray that God would allow us to raise up those funds to be able to pay cash for this new building.

Secondly, you can give. Maybe as you’re bending God’s ear, asking Him to raise the $150,000, he might bend your ear and ask you to be a part of that. We’re looking for both one time gifts of any amount as well as 100 people who would pledge to give $100 a month through 2013.

More details can be found at And Giving can be done at

Inside The Church

Pray for our brothers and sisters in DeKalb. And if you can, help them get this building!