Leaning Into Sunday: The Message

It's Monday, which for some preachers means a day off. For others is marks the beginning of the next Sunday's sermon prep'. Whatever your habits are, you should be laboring in the word to know and make known Jesus when you next stand up to preach. And, whether you're starting a new series (as I am--the book of Exodus), or continuing something already begun; whether you're in the Old Testament, New Testament, narrative, prophecy, poetry, or epistle, I hope you will make Jesus Christ the climax of your message, and work to help all see that wherever they are in this life, their only hope is the grace of God in the Son of God. More fully, I can do no better than to quote Richard Sibbes.

That the object of preaching now in the time of the gospel, is especially Jesus Christ.  This is the rock upon which the church is built.  Christ should be the subject matter of our teaching in his nature, offices, and benefits;  in the duties which we owe to him, and the instrument whereby we receive all from him, which is faith.

If we preach the law, and discover men's corruption, it is but to make way for the gospel's freer passage into their souls.  And if we press holy duties, it is to make you walk worthy of the Lord Jesus.  All teaching is reductive to the gospel of Christ, either to make way, as John Baptist did, to level all proud thoughts, and make us stoop to him, or to make us walk worthy of the grace we receive from him.

Richard Sibbes, "Yea and Amen" from The Works of Richard Sibbes (Vol 4)