God Redeeming His Bride

God Redeeming His BrideRobert Cheong is the Pastor of Care and Counseling at Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY. His excellent book, God Redeeming His Bride: A Handbook for Church Discipline, is released today, and I hope you will order a copy for yourself and all the elders of your church. Church discipline is easily misunderstood, ignored, or abused, and Robert's book is sure to help the church safely navigate the issue and effectively carry out the ministry. There are certain books I believe every pastor should be familiar with. The Reformed Pastor by Richard Baxter, The Christian Ministry by Charles Bridges, The Church by Edmund Clowney, and The Shepherd Leader by Timothy Witmer are just a few. God Redeeming His Bride is certainly another I'm adding to the list. And church planters, don't wait to read this book until you face a crisis in your congregation. Get it and read it now.

I received a copy a few months before its release and after reading it was happy to write an endorsement for it.

God Redeeming His Bride is one of the best tools available to the church today to help us recover the critical and pastoral practice of church discipline. Robert Cheong proves himself to be a modern day Richard Baxter as he has given us a thoroughly biblical, deeply theological, eminently practical, and easily accessible book I believe God will use to bring greater health to our local churches.