Leaning Into Sunday: The Lost

As you we head into our worship gathering this Sunday I hope the Lord bring those who do not know Jesus Christ into the assembly to hear the gospel and get a picture of the Kingdom of God among his people. Are you praying for them? Are you asking God to prepare their souls to hear the good news? Are you pleading with God to draw them to the Savior, give them a true sight and hatred of their sin? Are you asking the Holy Spirit to open their eyes to behold the beauty of Jesus and bring them from death to life? We should be praying all of this and more--not only for the good of the lost, but also for the glory of God. Let's pray for those who do not yet know Jesus and will be with us this Sunday. But let's not just pray for them, let's invite them ourselves to come with us to the gathering.

[photo by mdavidford]