I Need Thee

We sing a lot of hymns at Redeemer. We sing other kinds of songs as well, but we give hymns (particularly the historic ones) priority, and our bands do a great job. Yesterday we again sang, "I Need Thee Every Hour." I hope you know it, and sing it. The hymn was written in 1872 by Annie Hawks. She was a thirty-something wife and mother of three when during the course of a typical summer day God impressed her with her need and Jesus' sufficiency. She said, "When in the midst of my daily cares at home, I was so filled with the sense of the nearness to my Mast­er that, won­der­ing how one could live with­out Him, ei­ther in joy or pain, these words, 'I Need Thee Ev­e­ry Hour,' flashed in­to my mind. Seating myself by the open window in the balmy air of the bright June day, I caught up my pencil and the words were soon committed to paper, almost as they are being sung now." (via)

Years later, with the passing of her husband, Mrs. Hawks wrote, "I did not un­der­stand at first why this hymn had touched the great throb­bing heart of hu­man­i­ty. It was not un­til long af­ter, when the sha­dow fell over my way, the sha­dow of a great loss, that I un­der­stood some­thing of the com­fort­ing pow­er in the words which I had been per­mit­ted to give out to others in my hour of sweet se­ren­i­ty and peace." (via)

I enjoy Andrew Laparra's album, Rise UP Dead Men, and his cover of the classic hymn. You can check it all out below.