Happy Birthday Heidelberg

The Good News We Almost ForgotNo young ones, we're not talking about the fictional, meth kingpin on AMC's Breaking Bad--that's Heisenberg. The Heidelberg Catechism is arguably the most beautifully written training tool for Christian discipleship outside of Scripture. It just had a birthday, turning 450 years old. Of course you can read the Heidelberg online for free, but let me encourage you to pick up Kevin DeYoung's book, The Good News We Almost Forgot. It functions as a devotional guide through the catechism, and is broken up into 52 chapters/weeks. Anyone can read the catechism, but DeYoung's book will help you get more out of the Heidelberg through explanation and application. If you love a good catechism and detailed experiential theology, you'll enjoy and benefit from this book. If you are unfamiliar with the use and value of a catechism, you definitely need to get this book.