Visiting a Great Church

Preaching at RBC Two Sundays ago I was the guest preacher at Redemption Bible Church in Mt. Prospect, IL. Redemption is served by a great pastoral staff with Ryan Huguley as the founding and Lead Pastor. I am always eager to bring my family to other healthy churches to see how they are faithfully worshipping our triune God.

RBC meets in a High School, a challenge I know well. They do a great job by bringing in ample signage that not only serves to guide and inform people, but also changes the feel of the spaces. All the photos below were taken before everything was set up, but you get the idea of how they use some of their signs.

RBC Hallway

kids space

One of the things my wife and I particularly enjoy is worshipping with brothers and sisters who do it different than we do at our home church. When we walked in to the sanctuary we passed a table that held both bulletins and earplugs. My son asked, "Is this a heavy metal church?" (We listen to a good bit of metal at the Thorn house) "No, Im guessing it's just a bit loud." In fact it wasn't louder than our church, and we are definitely not metal. We were led in a few songs/hymns we recognized, and a number we didn't know, but all were focused on the person and work of God. No smoke, no crazy distracting backgrounds, just lots of gospel in word, song, and prayer.



It was a real honor to preach the word to my friends at RBC. If you are looking for a church in the area this is the church you need to visit. It's a blessing to see a church that excels at both systems and substance on Sunday morning. They could also teach classes to other churches on how to care for their guest preachers.