It's Called a Service for a Reason

As we gather for worship this Sunday let's consider that it's called a worship "service" for a reason. Corporate worship is both the celebration and depiction of the gospel. In the gospel we believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who has made full and complete atonement for our sins. We receive him. Our Savior came to serve us (Mt. 20:28). Christianity is more about receiving than doing. It does not neglect duty. In fact what we receive empowers us to act. But ours is a faith that accepts before working.

And so our gathered worship is itself a service of the good news. We come together to receive the word and sacraments. We believe the gospel proclaimed in both. Yes, God's people offer praise and prayer and even ourselves to the Lord, but he is already our Lord. Our offerings are to him who has already done all the work necessary to save us. He is our God, and we are his people.

This is not merely a worship event. It is not simply a worship gathering. It is God's service to his people through the church. Come ready to receive what God offers freely in his Son Jesus Christ.