Beard Care (1689 Style)

I've written about my friend, Scott Anderson, and how as a church planter he supplements his income through his business 1689 Beard. (Read this to learn more.) Scott has been creating great products for beards, hair, and skin, that are all natural and high-quality. It's all I use on my hairy mug.

Well, I just got my hands on the 1689 Beard "SDG Kit," and couldn't wait to share what it comes with. What is it? It's basically a care package for your manliness. Let's unbox it together.

The set comes packaged in a handsome and rustic bag. No slick box with shiny, modern accents. Just old school, old-timey, greatness. I needed to dig into this bad boy. I honestly didn't know what was inside.

As you can see the best beard balm available is inside (can and bullet), along with 1689's beard oil. Just in time. I'm running low. 1689 Suds is also included. Soap for men. I love how my wife smells, but I like it on her. Not me. 1689 Suds remedies that issue. But then, two boxes and two more bags.

Inside one of the boxes you'll find four handmade wooden beard combs. Your beard deserves better than that Walmart plastic comb you use. Throw it in the trash and try these out. Your beard will thank you. But maybe the comb isn't quite what you're looking for. Maybe your beard requires a different approach.

Problem solved in bag #1. Inside is a double-sided beard brush with two different brush styles. But beards need more than brushing; they occasionally need trimming. Especially that mustache. The other box provides a quality help.

These scissors are high quality, have a good weight to them and are sharp. But there's more, and what's last is not for the cowardly or anyone with shaky hands.

You've wanted a straight razor since you were a kid. I did. But you probably never got around to buying one. Well, here you go. Of course you don't want to shave your beard off, but you do need to clean up the cheeks or neckline a bit.

This is a fantastic kit and would make a great gift for your husband. But men, you don't have to wait around and drop hints to the Mrs. You can just head over to 1689 Beard and pick up the SDG Kit yourself.

Contents of the 1689 "SDG Kit"

One (1) 2oz. Can 1689 Beard Balm
One (1) 1oz. Bottle 1689 Beard Oil
One (1) Bar of 1689 Soap
One (1) Unscented Bullet
Four (4) Piece Handmade Natural Wood Combs,
One (1) Two-sided Boar's Hair Brush
One (1) Professional Adjustable Trimming Scissors
One (1) Quality Straight Edge Barber's Razor (w/ 100 razor blades)

For more info visit the website, or go straight to the Etsy store here.