Rhythms of Grace

Rhythms of GraceI love the church, and I love when we gather for corporate worship. Since my conversion over 20 years ago I have always been eager to "go to church" on the Lord's Day. I have always found gathering for worship to be one of the sweetest graces God has given us. So, when it comes to worship, private and public, I take it seriously. Our church takes it seriously. Developing a faithful theology of worship has not proven to be the norm in many Evangelical churches over the years, but there are always bright examples to praise God for--you just have to look for them. Pastor Mike Cosper and the people at Sojourn Community Church are such an example, and when I got my hands on Mike's new book, Rhythms of Grace: How The Church's Worship Tells The Story of the Gospel, I was thrilled. I had already interviewed Mike on worship a few years ago, so while I was not surprised by the wisdom in the pages of his book, I was deeply edified and encouraged. Rhythms of Grace is a biblically solid, pastorally written, practical book that you need to pick up. Below is the endorsement I wrote for Rhythms of Grace after reading it.

For the glory and enjoyment of God, the health of the church, and the spread of the gospel—this is why you should read Rhythms of Grace, by Mike Cosper. Inside this book Mike proves to be a good pastor giving us a practical theology of worship that cautions against and corrects error, while shepherding us toward a more biblically faithful understanding and experience of worship in the church gathered and scattered.

That doesn't say enough. Trust me. Get it now.

Leadership Quarterly at CC

I've been looking forward to speaking at the Christ Community's "Leadership Quarterly" in Champaign, IL this Saturday. Christ Community is a young, strong, and growing church--and I am thrilled to encourage the leadership this weekend. I just noticed that they modified their LQ graphic for my visit. I think it's brilliant! LQ - Put a Beard On It!

I'll be speaking on “Communion, Character, and Community” emphasizing the need to maintain communion with Christ, grow in godliness, and live in community to successfully lead God’s people. Prayers for this gathering are greatly appreciated!