Unbound - A New Blog

Aaron Youngren My friend Aaron Youngren is the Lead Pastor of The Line, a church in Chicago, IL, and he has finally launched a blog. This is good news because Aaron is a great pastor and writer, and one of the most creative people I know. In fact, in his spare time he is working on a top-secret project that is so exciting I'm mad at him for letting me in on the secret, but forbidding me from talking about until "it's ready." We'll see how long I can hold out on that. But at least I can point you to his blog.

Unbound - Aaron Youngren

Unbound is a blog that aims to "equip the Christian for life, which is to say, for battle. Conflict. The fight of faith." It's all about gospel boldness and confidence in the God who call us his people. Sound good? Go get some.

Blogwatch: Ryan Huguley

Last year there were over 152 million blogs on the internet. How do you choose which ones to follow, and how do you stay on top of their content? If you are reading more than a couple blogs regularly I would encourage you to use a "feed reader" like Google Reader. This will help you easily stay on top of the blogs you read. What's harder is determining which blogs will get your attention. Throughout the year I will promoting a blog each week that I personally benefit from. And, I will try and hit blogs you may not yet follow. First up, something new.

Ryan Huguley

A new blog I'm really enjoying is Pastor Ryan Huguley's. Ryan is the Lead Pastor of Redemption Bible Church in the Chicago suburbs, and a good friend of mine who has been a great encouragement to me and many others at Redeemer. Hit his blog, subscribe to the feed, and you'll find pastoral help and personal reflection worth your time. In a day with over 150 million blogs to choose from, I'm glad Ryan jumped in to add one more to the mix.


Pastor Mark Driscoll has launched a new website that will give him a forum to speak about what’s going on with him in his personal life, with his family, what God is teaching him, and how God is at work in him. Isn't that sort of like a blog? Well, yeah it's like a blog, but it's also bigger than that. Not only will Pastor Mark be covering theological, practical, and personal issues (centrally locating all his online output), but his wife, Grace, and his daughter, Ashley, will also be contributing to the site. Grace will focus on the ministry of being a wife, mother, and friend. Ashley will write book reviews for teens and focus on how to balance the culture and crises of high school while walking with Jesus. I've had some time to walk through the site, and it looks great. PastorMark.tv launches today, so head on over and check it out. It's going to be a helpful resource!