Come to Plant Midwest in St. Louis & Chicago

If you are a pastor, church planter, or are headed that way, you should come and check out the Plant Midwest quarterly this month in either St. Louis (Aug 20) or Chicago (Aug. 21). I am speaking at both gatherings on shepherding our own hearts, as well as the hearts of the people we lead and serve. It is easy for those who of us who serve the church to focus on ministry, goals, and the need to "produce," but if we are not careful to watch over our own hearts we are setting ourselves up for burnout, or something far worse. As John Flavel wrote, "The keeping and right managing of the heart in every condition, is one great business of a Christian’s life." This is what I want to focus on in our time together. The Plant Midwest quarterlies are great opportunities for encouragement and to meet others in your area who are praying and working toward planting new churches. Registration is free, so if you are in the area I hope you will join us!

plantSTLOUIS Date: August 20th, 2012 Time: 9am - 1pm Location: August Gate Church 2601 Minnesota Avenue, St. Louis 63118

plantCHICAGO Date: August 21, 2012 Time: 10am - 2pm Location: Armitage Baptist Church 2451 N. Kedzie Blvd. Chicago, IL 60647

Band of Bloggers @ TGC [update]

At this year's Gospel Coalition Conference in Chicago I will be participating in the Band of Bloggers gathering going down Tuesday night at 5pm, April 12. These are always a good time where you also get some great free books. I just found out my book, Note to Self: The Discipline of Preaching to Yourself, will be one of the giveaways! That means you can get it before it's even available for purchase online. Here are the details on the BoB gathering.

The theme for this year’s gathering is The Gospel Procession. A procession entails a concerted effort by a community to catalyze a movement, and in our case a gospel movement. A lot of talk is talking place on the Internet regarding being “gospel-centered,” and what this theme seeks to do is invoke the participation of all those who love the gospel and desire to leverage their lives for its advance in every sphere of their lives. Therefore, the purpose and theme transcends the gathering and endeavors to see a gospel procession take place through our blogging and influence on social media and other various online networks.

I have asked ten other men to join me in facilitating this meeting. During our event, they will moderate round-table discussions as well as participate in panel discussions on related topics. The men leading this event are:

Justin Taylor, Tim Challies, Joe Thorn, Steve McCoy, Jared Wilson, Trevin Wax, Justin Buzzard, Collin Hansen, John Starke, Owen Strachan, and Tim Brister

...[We are] shrinking the size of the gathering to 150 people for the purpose of incorporating everyone in the discussion and providing a venue conducive to our goals.  Having said that, this gathering will likely fill up quickly, so you will want to register as soon as possible. The cost for this year’s gathering and dinner is $25.

Good conversation and free books! I look forward to seeing many of you there!


Plant! is an upcoming conference on church planting organized by Sovereign Grace Ministries that features a diverse group of speakers who will teach and dialog together about the gospel, the church, and the need to start new churches. It looks great. Check out the deets: Date: March 24-26, 2011 Location: Covenant Fellowship Church, Glen Mills, PA Cost: $99/person Who Should Come?: Church planters, pastors, pastors who desire to see their church plant churches, members of churches who desire to be a part of planting a church some day. Why Should Someone Come to the PLANT Conference?: What's unique about this conference is that Sovereign Grace Ministries is gathering church planting thinkers and doers from different denominations and church planting movements (Acts 29, SGM, the PCA, 9Marks and SBC) for three days of teaching and dialogue about planting and building churches on the gospel.

Hit the Plant! website and register today.