1000 Words

KatherineMy kids were playing out in the front yard this weekend, and I saw that the sun was setting casting a golden light onto the whole scene. I grabbed by camera and took a few shots. Kat is standing in front of one of our "Burning Bushes." Click the pic for a larger version.

Fall Push?

A lot of churches have a Fall push. Are any of your churches doing that? You know, summer vacations are over, kids are back in school, new residents are moved in and getting settled, a rhythm is developing and many churches use that time to try and connect with new people. Ads, mailers, door hangers, public events, press releases, new programs, classes, et al. Around here, the big churches use and actually increase their attendance via those Outreach postcard mailers. I have found that smaller churches do not typically bear the same fruit even when using the identical methods. Like those disclaimers for Jenny Craig. *Results not typical. Your experience may vary.* :) Anyway, I'd like to hear what churches are doing, or are not doing, now that we're nearing that time of year.