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Today you can read a short interview I did with Tyler Horton at his blog, Me and Brooks, for his "4 Questions With" series. The blog is a place where Tyler is reading through the works of Thomas Brooks and sharing his progress and thoughts. The series is, as you might guess, four targeted questions. Here's a peek.

Are there any dangers in this practice that we should be watching for?

Definitely. Self-centeredness and despair can result when we are focusing too much on ourselves in preaching to ourselves. Remember, the point in doing this is to draw our eyes back up to Christ. Of course the law will show us our failure, but the gospel should then lift our head. In my experience the most common dangers come down to too much focus on me or my sin. The former can lead to pride and self-infatuation. The whole thing becomes about me. The latter leaves me crushed under the weight of my crimes. Properly preaching to ourselves will leave us convicted over our sin, but convinced of God’s love for us in Jesus, and through that encourage us to follow him in a life of faith and godliness.

Tyler is also giving away two copies of my book, Note to Self.

Head over to Me and Brooks to read the whole thing and enter the giveaway.

Talking With Mike Horton About Preaching To Ourselves

Over 17 years ago I started listening to The White Horse Inn radio program. In fact, while in college a group of students would cram into a dorm room and listen to Mike Horton, Rod Rosenbladt, Ken Jones, and Kim Riddlebarger talk through theology, Scripture, evangelical culture, and church life. We felt like theoloigcal insurgents at our Bible College, but we were really just theology nerds. The WHI is still one of the most valuable things I listen to, now as a podcast, so I was humbled and excited to get an invitation to talk to Mike Horton about my book, Note to Self. You can check out our conversation at the WHI website, or just listen below. [audio:|titles=Preaching to Ourselves]

If you aren't listening to the show, you need to make it a regular part of your diet. You have enough sermons, and broadly cultural podcasts streaming into your ipod, but there isn't much else out there like this. And, while you're adjusting your theoloigcal intake you should also subscribe to Modern Reformation magazine. Seriously, get on that. As a subscriber you have online access to all the back issues.

Relevant Reads: If you don't have them be sure to check out Dr. Horton's Gospel-driven trilogy. Christless Christianity The Gospel Driven Life The Gospel Commission

Interview at BCC

I was recently interviewed by the good people at the Biblical Counseling Coalition, and it is now up at their blog. Here's part of what I shared with them.

When we are walking through temptation, trial, affliction, or adversity we want relief. We need deliverance. But what God often grants us is grace to believe, endure, and persevere, and that is our escape. God’s promise to be with us and make us “more than conquerors” is not the promise of worldly comfort, but of divine comfort and hope that is beyond suffering and death. Now, this will only appeal to one who values Jesus Christ more than this life, and sees affliction as a means of transformation through the power of God as we believe. So, when we suffer we must take the posture of a learner who will look to and listen to God (in his word) when encountering such difficulty. Only then can we see beyond the affliction to our good God and his good purposes. See, for example, Psalm 73.

You can read the whole interview here.

By the way, if you aren't following the BCC blog, you should be.